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Making nutrition the new tradition to improve the health of women and children living in Pakistan

Dr. Javeria Mahmood has been working in Pakistan, since 2010 to improve the
health of people in need, especially women and children, through better nutrition. 

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In Partnership With National And Provincial Governments, Her Team Work To:

  • Improve and sustain the coverage of vitamin a supplementation for children under five
    across Pakistan
  • Increase the coverage and utilization of zinc supplements and oral rehydration salts to
    manage childhood diarrhea
  • Ensure that young girls, pregnant women, mothers, and children aged six to 24 months
    residing in remote rural areas of Pakistan receive improved nutrition and healthcare
  • Improve the effectiveness of the national and provincial universal salt iodization program
  • Support the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement by hosting the SUN Civil Society Alliance
    and SUN Academia and Research Network
  • Improve the levels of iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid among children and women

In Partnership With National And Provincial Governments, Her Team Work To:

54% of children under five are vitamin A deficient

Close to half of all children under five are moderately or severely stunted

For every 10 children born in Pakistan, one will die before the age of five

62% of children are anemic (Some regions show up to 86% prevalence of childhood anemia)