Emergency Units


Health emergency departments have become the frontline of medicine, treating a range of patients from those who don’t have access to primary care providers to patients with traumatic injuries etc everyone will work together making split decisions to save patient lives

Actually functional purpose of making health emergency units in Pakistan is all about open 24 hours a day, emergency units provide emergency care urgent care private primary care and behavioral health care services in communities where these services are unavailable or unavailable after hours.

Such As Natural Disasters Such As Dengue Fevers, Covid 19 Etc

Due to unplanned nature of patient attendance the department must provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries some of which may be life threatening and require immediate attention i wanted to make my country all available for the medical care primary health the active health care emergency units in Pakistan need a variant roll globally emergency units must be operative 24 hours a day.

Although staffing levels may be varied in an attempt to reflect patient volume accessibility availability affordability must be seen and monitored in my emergency unit plan those patients who came with cardiac arrest heart attack trauma traumatic condition mental illnesses asthma attack and COPD special facilities training equipment must be there hygiene an equipment should be monitored controlled and up to mark get started right away, just tap any placeholder text (such as this) and start typing.

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What JVF Want To Develop

Javeria Vision Foundation want to develop best & instant emergency units in Pakistan where we provide basic health care system of emergency patient for example cardiac arrest, traumatic attacks, heart attacks, burn units, pregnancy ward. Management of appendicitis and kidney pains, pendemics Etc

What Are The Health Care Units

As we can see in previous years in Pakistan our basic health care units and healthcare systems for example emergency units and hospitals are not up to Mark as the government organizations having too much flow and population growth rate exceeded because of this health care system aren’t given perfect services properly so we are going to redefine healthcare system